This is a map of all the cool places in California that I know and that are worth seeing. It includes popular places along with some well-hidden gems. It is made for locals by a local.

It includes variety of places: unique buildings, parks, hikes, viewpoints and one of a kind activities.

For the visual idea of places you will find on the map check my Asya Travels Instagram.

What makes this map different:

  • It’s easy to use: use it right in your Google Maps app on any phone.

  • It’s exclusive: You won’t find many of these places in other guidebooks. This map includes some of the best-kept secrets of California that I found through my own travels and connections.

  • Continuous updates: I regularly add new discoveries and update the pins. It already grew from 400 to 550+ pins since the initial launch in 2022!

  • Full information: It automatically picks up pictures and reviews from Google Maps for most places. You won’t need to do any additional research.

How to use & Tips for the best experience:

  1. After the purchase, you will get a link to the map. Simply click on it to see and explore the map.
  2. If for any reason it opens in browser, click “Open in Google Maps App” button. This map is designed to work only in mobile Google Maps app and won’t show all the pins in a browser.
  3. Make sure to click the “Follow” or “Save” button in Google Maps to always have the access right from the app and get the updates of the new places (email link will expire in 12 months).
  4. Select “Show on your map” option to always see the pins. You can turn it on and off whenever you like.

  5. If you see a list of places instead of the map with pins, simply swipe down to see the map.
  6. November 2023 update: Now both old and new users get access to two maps: “California” and “California 2”. Second map with new places was created to avoid glitches that appear when adding two many pins. Each map has a link to another one in its description.

Most of the places are known by Google and you can see public reviews and pictures. Some pins  have my personal notes as well Рto add more context or visiting tips.

Whenever you’re planning a trip to any California destination, open this map and see all the pins around the area you’re going. It will save you lots of time on researching everything yourself!